Program Evaluation to Strengthen Kansas’ Registered Teacher Apprenticeship

by Katie Allen Since 2022, Registered Teacher Apprenticeship (RTA) has become a new model of interest to many state and local education agencies as they seek to increase the number of highly qualified, licensed teachers. RTA is an on-the-job paid training model with mentoring that utilizes a competency-based framework in tandem with higher education

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Kansas Registered Teacher Apprenticeship: Using Program Evaluation Planning to Support Continuous Improvement and Scaling

Shane Carter, Director of Teacher Licensure, and Joel Gillaspie, Coordinator of Teacher Licensure at Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) joined Katie Allen and Rich Resendez, Co-Directors of the Region 12 Comprehensive Center (R12CC) on March 5-6, 2024 to share information about the design, implementation, and evaluation of

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Marked Impact, Anticipated Refinements: An Evaluation of the Missouri Leadership Development System

Considered one of the nation’s most comprehensive statewide principal development initiatives, the primary purpose of the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS) is to develop and support effective school leaders.R12CC employed a mixed-methods design for this evaluation by collecting both quantitative and qualitative data to address overarching research questions. The

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Colorado GIS Mapping Project Presented at National Conference

The Region 12 Comprehensive Center (R12CC) and Colorado Department of Education (CDE) presented the Strengthening the Colorado Educator Workforce Pipeline Geographic Information System (GIS) Map at the 2023 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference in Washington, DC. R12CC and CDE have collaborated to create a GIS mapping tool that visually connects Colorado educator workforce data that

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Using Data to Strengthen and Diversify the Educator Workforce

by Christina Lemon Since COVID, media headlines continue to claim there is a teacher exodus brewing, and that American education is in crisis. But do the data support these claims? In December 2021, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) stated that having access to sufficient data is the first step toward fully staffed classrooms

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