Using Place-Based Decision Making to Strengthen the Colorado Educator Workforce Pipeline

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Dale Lewis
Tracie Corner

With approximately 5,000 teacher vacancies each year, the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), is focused on developing a better understanding of and addressing teacher shortages across the state. By leveraging a variety of systems-level data to create Geographic Information System (GIS) maps, R12CC is supporting CDE to better understand place-based needs and factors influencing shortages.

Custom-designed GIS maps will incorporate a variety of demographic, socioeconomic, and talent management data to contextualize factors that may be affecting Colorado teacher shortage and retention challenges. Technical assistance will support CDE and its stakeholder group (e.g., rural and non-rural educators, educator preparation program leaders, teacher union representatives, personnel directors, etc.) in analyzing the GIS maps and identifying research-based strategies that regional service agencies, local schools, and districts have found to be effective. These data and analyses can be used as a strategic and analytic tool to help CDE and LEAs make informed policy, program, and resource decisions to address challenges that are contributing to the statewide teacher shortage.

As a result, CDE will be better able to direct resources and guide schools and districts toward evidence-based programs and strategies that have been successful in similar Colorado settings, reduce teacher turnover, and lessen its impact on student achievement and school improvement efforts.