Kansans Can Project Implementation: Fall 2022 Updates

R12CC is collaborating with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) to support the implementation of the Kansans Can Initiative with a focus on continuous improvement of Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) processes. Recent accomplishments include developing a summary infographic of overarching themes and recommendations from stakeholders specific to improving accreditation processes. In response to

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Year 3 Project Highlights

Work during our third project year continues to focus on providing high-quality technical assistance, building collaborative relationships, and supporting educational agencies to make systemic changes. View these project highlights to learn more about our work:

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School Redesign in Kansas: Winter 2022 Updates

During the summer and early fall of 2021, leaders from the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) and the Kansas State Board of Education facilitated the Kansans Can Success Tour. The tour, a 50-city event, provided opportunities for school leaders, parents and community members to give feedback to state education leaders on the current direction

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Voices from the Field: Teacher Leadership Development in Kansas Redesign Schools During a Time of Uncertainty

Voices from the Field spotlights stakeholders in Region 12 and their work to improve educational opportunities and outcomes. R12CC is privileged to share the insights of Dr. Tammy Mitchell, Elementary Redesign Specialist, Division of Learning Services, Kansas State Department of Education.                             

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Scaling School Redesign in Kansas

The Kansans Can Redesign initiative guides schools to focus on strategies that ensure students develop academic, civic, and social capacities needed to be successful in postsecondary education, the workforce, and in the community. To support the implementation and scaling of this initiative, R12CC assists Kansas leaders in the identification of effective leadership practices to manage change initiatives and builds capacity to measure and monitor

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