School Redesign

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Doug Moeckel
Tameka Porter

Through tracking postsecondary performance data, the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) has found that most LEAs, even high-performing districts, are not adequately preparing all students for college and career success, with too few students graduating from post-secondary programs or obtaining the credentials to be employed in the jobs of the future in Kansas.

To address this challenge, R12CC is supporting the Kansans Can Redesign Initiative to help students develop seven academic and non-academic capacities needed to be successful in postsecondary education, the workforce, and in citizenship after graduating from high school.

KSDE has initiated four areas of support for the redesign initiative, including: (1) developing a strategic plan to implement the Kansas State Board’s goals, (2) creating a summer institute for KSDE leaders as a professional development opportunity to build on the foundations of the redesign principles, (3) designing regionalized models of support for schools and districts that align redesign with statewide school improvement, and (4) working with the Kansas School Improvement System to build new accreditation models that support redesign.

R12CC is assisting Kansas to develop a working knowledge of how to use strategic planning to guide redesign, formative assessment tools to monitor implementation fidelity and progress at redesign implementation sites, evidence-based practices for making continuous improvements to redesign training for district leaders, and a better understanding of how to develop an evaluation plan to measure redesign’s successes and challenges.

The capacity building services that R12CC will provide are aligned with the four areas of support KSDE has initiated to enhance the redesign initiative. By applying evidence-based practices in the four key areas of personalized learning, student success skills, business/family/community partnerships, and real-world application to the elements of school redesign, Kansas will be positioned to scale up redesign efforts throughout the state.