Supporting Colorado’s Educator Workforce and Dropout Prevention: Winter 2022 Updates

Work during our third project year continues to focus on providing capacity building services to guide stakeholders’ use of the geographic information system (GIS) map to analyze placed-based data and develop strategies appropriate for addressing contextual factors that impact the local educator pipeline. A collection of resources to support exploration and application of GIS map

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GIS Map Exploration and Application Resources

Are you grappling with educator shortages and turnover in your work or perhaps you would like to help those who are? Do you wonder whether variables such as teacher supply, working conditions, or school performance contribute to these challenges? Have you considered opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that could

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Engaging with the Field in Colorado: Educator Workforce and Dropout Prevention

R12CC is supporting Colorado education stakeholders to utilize a customized geographic information system (GIS) map and related evidence on effective strategies to strengthen the educator workforce pipeline. Recent accomplishments include updates and enhancements to the GIS map and facilitation of stakeholder data analysis sessions for charter school leaders and Colorado education service agency representatives who

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Engaging Colorado Stakeholders in Developing Place-Based Solutions

On April 20, 2021, the R12CC hosted a webinar titled “Strengthening the Educator Workforce Pipeline—Free Resources and Supports for Tackling Educator Shortages” in collaboration with the Colorado Department of Education. Education stakeholders from across Colorado were introduced to tools available to support their efforts to better understand and address educator shortages. The one-hour webinar offered

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New Project Launched: Colorado Dropout Prevention Framework Update and Refresh

R12CC’s newest and second Colorado project—the Colorado Dropout Prevention Framework Update and Refresh Project—has formally launched. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) developed the Colorado Dropout Prevention Framework in 2010 featuring methods and strategies to prevent school dropout and increase student re-engagement.1 While Colorado’s dropout rate is at its lowest (1.8%)2 point in a decade,

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Addressing Educator Workforce Shortages: A State Comparison Brief

A talented educator workforce is an essential foundation for improving educational outcomes for students. As such, securing teachers at all levels of the educator pipeline (recruitment, preparation, and retention) is necessary for student success. Unfortunately, the United States educator workforce is experiencing shortages of crisis-level proportions, and these shortages

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