Educator Workforce and Dropout Prevention Project Implementation: Fall 2022 Updates

The Strengthening the Educator Workforce Pipeline project focuses on supporting education stakeholders to use geographic information system maps to understand factors that may be affecting educator shortages and identify and share effective locally developed practices with peers. As part of this work, the project team recently completed updates to the geographic information system map, including

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Year 3 Project Highlights

Work during our third project year continues to focus on providing high-quality technical assistance, building collaborative relationships, and supporting educational agencies to make systemic changes. View these project highlights to learn more about our work:

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Supporting Colorado’s Educator Workforce and Dropout Prevention: Winter 2022 Updates

Work during our third project year continues to focus on providing capacity building services to guide stakeholders’ use of the geographic information system (GIS) map to analyze placed-based data and develop strategies appropriate for addressing contextual factors that impact the local educator pipeline. A collection of resources to support exploration and application of GIS map

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GIS Map Exploration and Application Resources

Are you grappling with educator shortages and turnover in your work or perhaps you would like to help those who are? Do you wonder whether variables such as teacher supply, working conditions, or school performance contribute to these challenges? Have you considered opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that could

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Strengthening the Colorado Educator Workforce Pipeline: Facilitating GIS Map Exploration and Application

This R12CC resource includes a facilitator’s guide and workbook to assist teams of Colorado stakeholders to understand how to use the geographic information system (GIS) map to identify challenges and opportunities to strengthen the educator workforce pipeline. Developed by the Region 12 Comprehensive Center in partnership with the Colorado

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Addressing Educator Workforce Shortages: Colorado Bright Spots

Districts and schools in Colorado that have experienced success with retaining teachers through effective strategies in schools with high-need populations and geographic factors associated with lower retention rates are highlighted in this “Bright Spots” report. Representatives from the five schools across three school districts that were identified as Bright

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