R12CC’s work in Kansas includes hosting a monthly Executive Leadership Forum with superintendents to support them as they lead change management initiatives. Recent sessions focused on developing leadership in others and improving principal’s use of political, educational, and organizational levers for change.

In response to needs sensing, support has shifted to include plans for developing a Superintendent Leadership Development framework. Initial work was completed for a gap evaluation between leadership standards and performance evaluation tools commonly used in Kansas, which will inform work with local superintendents to begin to co-develop the framework.

Kansas State Department of Education’s (KSDE) teacher licensure team identified development of a Registered Teacher Apprenticeship pilot as a priority that could be supported through participation in the National Center’s Registered Teacher Apprenticeship Program Learning Series and support from R12CC. After initial planning meetings, KSDE staff participated in introductory and initial sessions of the National Center’s series. Participation in this series and support from R12CC will assist KSDE staff to design and implement a Registered Teacher Apprenticeship Program pilot.

Collectively, these services support Kansas education stakeholders’ understanding of the technical and adaptive challenges related to navigating education policy changes and build capacity for continuous improvement at the state and local levels.