Are you grappling with educator shortages and turnover in your work or perhaps you would like to help those who are? Do you wonder whether variables such as teacher supply, working conditions, or school performance contribute to these challenges? Have you considered opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that could help?

Developed by the Region 12 Comprehensive Center in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, the Colorado Educator Workforce GIS Map visually connects Colorado educator workforce data for you, giving valuable insights into district educator shortages, educator preparation program enrollment and completion, district retention and attrition, and other contextual demographic and economic data.

Especially useful for teams tackling shortage challenges, the following materials support the exploration of how place influences educator shortages and the development and implementation of recommendations and plans to strengthen Colorado’s educator workforce pipeline. These materials are linked in the sections below and include 1) the Colorado Educator Workforce Pipeline GIS Map and video introduction, 2) a guidance document with workbook and PowerPoint slides to assist facilitators in helping stakeholders to explore and use the GIS map to develop action plans and implement strategies to strengthen the educator workforce pipeline, and 3) ancillary materials and resources to help inform strategy selection, action planning, and implementation.