R12CC continues to work with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to achieve a goal of supporting at least 50% of Missouri’s principals through the Missouri Leadership Development System (MLDS). Recent capacity building services have included facilitating monthly executive leadership forums for superintendents, conducting an exploration of hybrid learning formats, and developing a rubric with annotations for Missouri school continuous improvement implementation action plans. R12CC has also conducted a principal recruitment campaign analysis and drafted a recruitment strategies brief with outreach activities to assist DESE in engaging potential MLDS participants.

Year 3 assistance will center on refining and expanding MLDS, conceptualizing a leadership system for superintendents to increase support for principals, and providing implementation support for priority initiatives in Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools and District Continuous Improvement.

R12CC is also assisting DESE with the creation of a comprehensive system of assessments in Missouri. The Common Formative Assessment (CFA) system will provide Missouri educators with equitable access to common formative assessments for student learning in all content areas. Slated to launch next school year, efforts have focused on developing a final rating system, vetting process, and comprehensive framework and map for the CFA system. Building on this work, R12CC will assist DESE to operationalize the framework and system map through convening a leadership committee. To support implementation, R12CC will develop submission documents, platform design elements, and conduct a review of the pilot vetting process.