The Kansans Can Redesign initiative guides schools to focus on strategies that ensure students develop academic, civic, and social capacities needed to be successful in postsecondary education, the workforce, and in the community. To support the implementation and scaling of this initiative, R12CC assists Kansas leaders in the identification of effective leadership practices to manage change initiatives and builds capacity to measure and monitor redesign implementation.

Recently, the project team completed an examination of results from on-site interviews with teachers and building leaders at redesign schools to determine successes, challenges, lessons learned, and other areas for exploration for redesign schools and districts. The project team also facilitated monthly executive leadership forum sessions with Kansas superintendents to help them address common concerns and critical questions relating to leadership, curriculum and assessment, instructional changes, and planning and constituency building.

A new resource—an executive summary on strategies and approaches for advancing personalized learning in the classroom—was completed as a compendium to the Kansas Redesign Training Cadre. Over twelve months and 25 sessions, R12CC convened cadre members to build their capacity to support districts and schools to use state standards, personalized learning, and competency-based education to continuously improve schools.

As work proceeds in the third project year, R12CC will continue to support Kansas education stakeholders as they deepen their understanding of the technical and adaptive challenges related to navigating education redesign and move toward a more personalized, competency-based education model across the state.